Official Website of the Deputy Mohammad Dahlan


Mohammed Yusuf Shaker Dahlan (Arabic: محمد يوسف شاكر دحلان) born on 29 September 1961 in Khan Younis Refugee Camp, south of the Gaza Strip, where his family settled down after being expelled from their village Hamama in 1948, has become politically active in 1981 when he was a teenager. He took part in the establishment of the Gaza Branch of the Fatah Youth Movement Shabiba.

Between 1981 and 1986, he was arrested 11 times by the Israeli occupation for his leading role in Fatah movement. While in jail, Dahlan learnt Hebrew which he speaks fluently in addition to Arabic, his mother tongue. After his release from Israeli jails, he pursued his education and obtained a bachelor degree in business administration.

He took part in negotiations as a member of the Palestinian negotiating team after the signing of the Oslo Accords. He in particular participated in negotiations in Cairo in 1994, the Taba negotiations, negotiations made to release Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails, the Wye River negotiations and Camp David II. In addition, he led the negotiations that produced the Agreement on Movement and Access (AMA) and that were part of preparations for the application of the unilateral disengagement plan implemented by Israel in 2005.

Dahlan established and led the Preventive Security Service (PSS) in Gaza in 1994. He resigned from his post as the head of PSS in 2001. He was appointed the National Security Advisor by virtue of a Presidential Decree issued in July 2002. He help the post of the Minister of State for Internal Security in 2003. Dahlan ran for the Palestinian Legislative Council’s (PLC) elections for Khan Younis constituency and won the highest number of votes among Fatah candidates and thus he became a PLC member. In 2007, he was appointed again as the National Security Advisor.

Dahlan was elected a member of Fatah Central Committee in its 6th Conference held in Bethlehem on 04 August 2009.